Thursday, May 16, 2013

Moving Day!

To make better use of our lab space, on Wednesday the Mayer lab flexed their muscles and MacGyver-abilities to move a glovebox and a giant high vacuum line. Thanks to everyone who helped out, and to Ben Horst for documenting the day.

Why is this line so big and complicated? Tom is not amused.
One of several manometers. All the glassware was hand-moved to the other lab.
Mercury everywhere. Cleaning it up using an appropriate spill kit.
Many hands makes for easier work.
Carlos guiding through the doorway.

In its new home.
Clamps unmoved, before the glassware. 
Glassware in place. Aligning a high vacuum line is not easy.
Tom mopping the floor for the glove box.
It should fit through the door, right?
It does not fit through the door. (Is that solenoid necessary?)
Taking the wheels off.
Progressing down the hall.
Tom working in the box while we're moving, you just can't stop chemistry. Two small girls pushing the box.
1/16th of an inch of clearance?
Re-setup. Whew, it's done.

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  1. This is awesome. Thank you for documenting the Mayer Lab affairs. I can't believe that monstrosity is out of the main lab space! haha